6.1 Enhancement Turbocleave Basic Guide
This is a guide on how to enhancement shaman as turbocleave (fwar,hpal,enh).

1. Stat priorities
Haste - Versatility - x
Haste reduces abilities, helps with faster gcd and reduces time casting Hex. Versatility comes in handy, since you are the main target.
2. Gearing
Enchant rings, weapons, cloak and neck to haste.
4/5 Arena set. Replace hands or shoulders, depending what you need more(versatility or crit).
Proc trinket.
3. Talents/Glyphs

Why: Nature's Guardian procs while stunned/silenced, and doesn't require a GCD.

Why: Windwalk Totem provides uptime on target for you and your warrior.
Reduces damage taken from mages, since they deal more damage to rooted/slowed targets.

Why: Call of the Elements reset the CD of Winwalk Totem, which improves uptime on target.
Also resets CD on other totems like Grounding, which provides extra CC protection.
Specially when target is casting CC under Aura Mastery(ferals in jungle).

Why: Ancestral Swiftness proved passive haste, which is the main stat you are trying to stack.
Provides with instant heal/brust, for moments where instant assistance is required.
Echo of Elements works vs certain setups, but the main problem with it, is that you wont have enough time to Purge and DPS.

Why: Ancestral Guidance is extra healing ability, and cannot be stopped, unlike Healing Stream Totem.
It works great with Ascendance and boosts your Healing Surges, when extra healing is required.

Why: Unleashed Fury gives additional damage from Lightning Bolts, when healing is not required.

Why: Elemental Fusion provides extra damage to shocks, which help you destroy totems vs resto shamans that use totem HP glyph.
Increases Flame Shock up to 120% when casted with 2 stacks and Unleashed Elements. glyphs
Frostbrand Weapon: Helps the warrior and you to stay on the target, without warrior spending his GCD on Hamstring.
Lightning Shield: Helps to reduce damage when being tunneled.
Purging: Gives additional Maelstrom Weapon stacks when purging. This helps alot with offhealing and damaging.
4. Strats (currently top setups as 09.03.2015)
Main target is the mage. The difficulty is going to be sitting on the target, since if rogue goes for you, its going to be very hard to connect on target. Your job is going to make sure you and your warrior ain't rooted or slowed when pushing after the mage. Communicating is the key winning, since you don't want to overlap freedom with windwalk. Primarily you will be spending your spirit walk and stoneskin in order to get out from nova, saving windwalk for the warrior.

Your focus target is going to be druid, to prevent cyclones. Warrior's target will be mage, he will be pummeling sheeps. Whenever you or warrior can't interrupt, one has to announce it to patch. This is very important if the rogue goes for you, while stunned the druid tends to spam cyclone, so your warrior has to know when to mass reflect.

When pushing after mage, you need to make sure you can survive the damage they will be laying on you. This means that you need to have shamanistic if you decide to aggressive, or atleast windwalk. Whenever you don't have those cooldowns, you stay behind pilar and sit on rogue. This is because if they decide to go for paladin, while you are chasing the mage, he will get you and your warrior stuck in frost nova los from the paladin. You won't have any support for paladin, and he will flop in a stun.

This is pretty much the same tactic, just abit easier. In this fight, you have to survive more, since its harder to kill mage when its being healed by priest than a druid. In this fight you don't have to worry about cyclones, so warrior doesn't take mass reflect. Sit on mage, just like vs RMD and priest will go OOM. Problems may occur when they decide to play aggressive and push for fears, you just have to be able to see the moments when priest pushes in. This is normaly when deepfreeze is on your healer, so just predict the fear and pretremor.
Main target is the warlock. Sitting on the warlock till he summons void walker, grounding haunts and pummeling fears. Windshears on shaman, to make pet drop. Warrior has to keep up with the pet's HP so he can do sharp switches on it to execute. When warrior gets close to the warlock, triple shockwave and hoj shaman into a hex. This will force def cd every single time, and will make the shaman go oom. Make sure to purge warlock doesn't have earthshield. If you execute the CC perfectly, you will kill the warlock through the void. If not, the shaman will go oom and you will win on mana.

The second option is to switch on shaman when warlock has void, and your team is topped off to make safe switch. This is more risky option, normaly is viable on dalaran arena. But note that, if you stay too long on the shaman, warlock will get on top of the pressure, and you will have hard time to recover.
- Godcomp
Main target is mage. Stay on mage like you stay on RMD and RMP, except here you don't worry about smokebomb. What you need to worry about here, is the horrify and silence from spriest. What normaly happens, is when your paladin gets feared, you get silenced from the priest to prevent tremoring. This is continued with horror to prevent you from using tremor/shamanistic. So what they do, is fear paladin and start bursting on you. At this poing, you need to have a trinket on horror to shamanistic and tremor paladin. You will see the burst comming when mage orbs.

Keep focus on druid, to prevent cyclones, warrior handles the mage. When mage blocks, usually the druid is in HOJ, so continue it with hex. Good teams will md the hoj off to prevent hex.

- Jungle
Main target depends on their target. Teams with hunter and holy pala, if they decide to go for your healer, the target is going to be their healer. To go for their healer, you need to bait him behind the pilar for HOJ. Start on feral, to bait the paladin closer to the pilar. Normaly ascendance on feral, to force hunter sac on feral. When paladin gets close to HOJ, reck him. If they decide to go for you, mainly stay on feral, since your paladin will be getting spam CC with HoJ and trap, so save grounding for trap.

When switching to paladin, keep focus on feral, to prevent cyclones. When going for feral, keep focus on paladin.

If you have any questions, post them on Arena Junkies, and I will try to anwser them asap.