The Darkest Red What is The Darkest Red?
Started as Prestige Gaming back in 2008 and later renamed to Nuclear Power. Today the guild is known as The Darkest Red and is ran by Diablous. It's a PvP guild that focuses only on that.

What are the requirements to join?
The requirements are very minimal:
- Dedicated to the guild.
- No boosted ratings/achievements!
- One of the following achievements:
* Bloodthirsty
* Battlemaster
* Khan
* Hero of the Horde
* Prestige 25
* Gladiator/r1

What are the benefits of joining?
The benefits are just like in any other guild, except we do it better. Atmosphere in the guild is unlike any other PvP guild. We focus on being social more than our ratings and achivements. In The Darkest Red, we are all equal. We also focus more on world PvP aswell as battleground premades.

What about RBG? I'm looking for a guild only to get a group in RBG!
In that case, the guild is probably not for you. The reason we don't mainly focus on RBG, is because it is hard to get everyone in the guild into a RBG group. Since our guild has more than 100 members, we simply don't have enough dedicated RBG raid leaders to lead every single day.

I'm RBG leader, I would like to join and become RBG leader in the guild.
This is possible. The way it works, is that you must already have your group ready to join guild. When you join the guild and start RBG group, you cannot invite members that are already in someone else RBG group. This is to avoid conflict when 2 RBG groups have their raid up. This also applies to guilds merging, you can pretty much have your whole guild merged in The Darkest Red(as long as everyone meet the requirements), and have yourself as RBG leader and lead your own raids(this includes PvE aswell).

What are the rules of the guild?
The rules are strict, but fair:
- Be active! Anyone that has been offline without notice more than 30 days will be kicked without warning(applies only for "Social Members").
- Be mature! No childish behavior.
- Be nice! We are all equal here.
- Represent! Wear guild tabard/red transmog. This applies mainly when we pvp raid.
- Leaving guild without reason or notice, will get you black listed. If you have a reason for leaving, talk to gm or officer first.
- No alliance alive! Doesn't matter what level or situation, it has to be dead!

What other ranks there are?
- Guild Master, this guy runs the Officers and Raid Leaders.
- Officer, these guys help with invites to the guild and other events.
- Member, dedicated member of The Darkest Red. Guild Master promotes, when the time is right.
- Alt, alt of a member or an officer.
- Friend, friend of Member/Social Member/RBG Member, undergeared/low level, doesn't have a spot in the outdoor PvP events. Will be promoted as soon as the guild requirements are met.

How do I join?
Simply message Diablous via whisper/mail or msg any officers online.