What is coaching? Why should I get coached by you?
It's where you play with me, and I will teach you things you have problems with.

I've worked for Skill-Capped for years, and I have the most experience in this. The prices are cheapest in the market, and the players are all best in the scene. The whole session is going to be recorded, and then uploaded on youtube for private reviewing! This will help you to go through the session and recap. This is option that no other coaching company provide.

How does it work?
You pay me per hour in arena or anywhere else. Currently ONLY on EU

How much and how does that actually work?
For example, you need me for 3v3 and you are missing third(me).
You pay me 15€ an hour for my time. During this time, I will be pointing out the mistakes and things that could be improved during those arena games.
I will be anwsering questions you may have. In summary; I will be teaching you and your partner on how to play arena.

Another example; you want to play 3v3 arena, and you are missing third. For this I will be providing my own partner, which also is being paid for 15€ an hour.

Accepting PayPal and any other payment methods!

Why do I have to pay for your partner?
The person I will be inviting to be played with is going to be nobody lower than gladiator or someone with gladiator current rating. Because of this, I won't be able to get anyone to coach for free. This third person won't be teaching as much, since I will take care of that.

I can coach in russian, finnish and in english.

Where do I sign up?
Fill out the form below. Tell me when you want to do the coaching, if you have someone or need me to provide third. Don't forget to leave your skype ID, I will be contacting you back.
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